3… 2… 1… Launch

Borgioni Private Collection, recently approached the Square One team faced with the challenge of distributing their press book and product line sheets to their increasing international market. The need, was to make all of the information available globally without having to spend valuable dollars in shipping and printing every time something changed. The solution, was an electronic version of their already successful materials that could be easily edited and republished.

Like Borgioni, your company may be built on a strong foundation. But now that technology is at the forefront of most brands’ marketing strategies, are you staying on top of all the trends and advancements in your field so you don’t get left behind? Every brand has to evolve on a regular basis, that’s why we’re constantly thinking about how we can make our clients’ brands relevant to their audience.

Could your brand use a tune-up? Adding a “wow” factor to your customer service, daring to be creative by thinking outside the box and making your brand more community oriented may take your business to the next level. How do customers experience your brand? How do they view your approach? How can you reach new customers in a unique way? Give us a call to discuss how we can help.




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