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A now well established spinal implant design and manufacturing company, Atlas Spine offers cutting edge solutions for spinal implant surgeons and their patients. With a boutique approach, they have a keen understanding of how a surgeon’s performance in the OR is directly linked to the level of comfort and precision their instruments afford them, not to mention the benefits to their patients.

The Square One Team was engaged to develop communications for the launch of their newest creation. The True Position System and its proprietary design pivots a spinal implant about its central axis creating optimum mechanical advantage and control for precise positioning. This allows the surgeon to choose the most accommodating insertion point and position the implant accurately, thus reducing surgical time and trauma.

An ad campaign was developed using EVOLVE as the main message to “hint” that this system would make you a better surgeon and entice the reader to want to know more. As a follow up, a mechanical paper direct mail piece was designed so that it would rotate the implant on the cover when the viewers opened it to read further, thus reinforcing the central rotation axis that is so crucial to this system. In addition, a well branded landing page was rolled out in order to receive the traffic generated, qualify the audience and track responses.

You may have many goals in marketing your business and solutions: building brand awareness, driving demand, and increasing market share. Achieving your marketing goals requires an integrated approach, one that combines digital marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, sales promotion, event marketing, and social media to reach your audience.

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