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Borgioni at the JCK show in Vegas

Expressive. Exotic. Inspired.

Mother and daughter team, Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci wanted to have a strong presence at the JCK jewelry show in Vegas. These are some of the designs we created for them, following their now well established brand standard.


Art Lives Here

Another creation from the masterminds at CMC Group in conjunction with Lionstone and Ponte Gadea, EPIC rises at the edge of the Miami River where it comes to meet the bay.

The team was looking for a fresh set of materials that would highlight this urban-chic property’s unique location, lifestyle and culinary offering.

Pulling from the well established EPIC logo and its graphic components, Square One Branding developed a new ad campaign, email marketing strategy and collateral that convey a high level of elegance and sophistication while showcasing the inspiring works of art that live alongside its residents.



The proof is in the puddin’

Everyone gets them. Lots of people profess to not like them, they even say they’re an annoyance… still, email marketing, if handled properly, can be a very effective tool for promoting your brand. This cost effective way to reach your audience can be addressed to the exact target market you are trying to reach.

Along with the targeting that can be done with emails, email marketing also helps drive direct sales, it can build customer relationships and loyalty, and it supports sales through all of the company’s other channels. The right content in an email, put forward the right way, can bring in immediate action such as sales, downloads, registrations and inquiries. You can also send out newsy, informative “newsletter” type emails to inform customers about upcoming events, new editions of catalogs, new products and services and any number of other things that help build awareness and strengthen your brand’s presence.

For Samantha, of Best of Weston Hair, this approach to getting her name out has worked spectacularly well. Since the campaign started, Sam has experienced the two most successful weeks of bookings in her entire career.



You’re well connected

Founded by Dr. Jeffrey S. Penner, Atlantis Orthopaedics has been serving Palm Beach County and its surrounding areas for over 30 years and has expanded to include four doctors as well as an extensive array of Orthopaedic specialties.

When they approached Square One Branding, the challenge was to refresh their look without losing the brand equity they had built over the years. Following the “You’re well connected” slogan and using their iconic AO -which besides meaning Atlantis Orthopaedics also references their specialty in Arthroscopic techniques which helps patients recover from surgery in a matter of days, rather than weeks- a central figure was added to the logo to communicate forward motion and freedom. The colors were also changed to give a warmer, more contemporary overall feel. Additionally, a new ad campaign was developed using smart and engaging copy that speaks of their “humanity” and an x-ray of a hand giving them the ok for a little tongue in cheek humor. Now, they finally have a presence in the marketplace that speaks of their capabilities as well as their personalized care.



Be better than you’ve ever been

A now well established spinal implant design and manufacturing company, Atlas Spine offers cutting edge solutions for spinal implant surgeons and their patients. With a boutique approach, they have a keen understanding of how a surgeon’s performance in the OR is directly linked to the level of comfort and precision their instruments afford them, not to mention the benefits to their patients.

The Square One Team was engaged to develop communications for the launch of their newest creation. The True Position System and its proprietary design pivots a spinal implant about its central axis creating optimum mechanical advantage and control for precise positioning. This allows the surgeon to choose the most accommodating insertion point and position the implant accurately, thus reducing surgical time and trauma.

An ad campaign was developed using EVOLVE as the main message to “hint” that this system would make you a better surgeon and entice the reader to want to know more. As a follow up, a mechanical paper direct mail piece was designed so that it would rotate the implant on the cover when the viewers opened it to read further, thus reinforcing the central rotation axis that is so crucial to this system. In addition, a well branded landing page was rolled out in order to receive the traffic generated, qualify the audience and track responses.

You may have many goals in marketing your business and solutions: building brand awareness, driving demand, and increasing market share. Achieving your marketing goals requires an integrated approach, one that combines digital marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, sales promotion, event marketing, and social media to reach your audience.

We would love to hear from you. To learn about your business challenges. To discuss how we may be able to help.



Reinforcing and expanding the brand

A well respected name in the events planning scene, Karla Conceptual Event Experiencesapproached Square One Branding about a new campaign that would reinforce their sensibilities and relentless approach to planning. From scheduling a venue walk through, to choosing a color palette, to the logistics of feeding 1000+ guests, the team at KCEE flawlessly orchestrates every detail of every event they ever produce. This dedication and attention to detail is what makes them the leaders of industry they’ve become.

In keeping with Karla’s ultra modern and elegant sensibility a revamp of their corporate website was put into motion. Something that would function and reflect theirunderstanding of trends and at the same time featured their unmistakable eye for perfection. Additionally, a new campaign was developed using translucent lettering that would hint and lure would be-visitors to click through to the newly redesigned and iPad friendly website. Once there, they could experience PURE FANTASY, PURE PLEASURE, PURE KARLA.