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Borgioni at the JCK show in Vegas

Expressive. Exotic. Inspired.

Mother and daughter team, Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci wanted to have a strong presence at the JCK jewelry show in Vegas. These are some of the designs we created for them, following their now well established brand standard.


Delivering on your promise

Hay House, the reputable publisher in San Diego, California was working on a challenging project with Suze Orman, their client, TD Ameritrade and QVC. They needed someone with the experience and confidence necessary to orchestrate the many facets of production and fulfillment needed for the successful launch of Suze’s latest financial product without skipping a beat.

Suze Orman, worldwide celebrity and trusted financial advisor, together with TD Ameritrade was launching a new product called “Suze Orman’s Save Yourself – Retirement Program” that would be sold on QVC and on the World Wide Web under the Hay House umbrella. Located across many different time zones, everyone on the team was very hands on and had a say on every aspect of the creative and budgetary approval process. Ultimately, and due in part to the magnitude of the project, the pieces had to be produced close to the QVC distribution centers in Pennsylvania for easy access and cost effectiveness.

Few professionals welcome the challenges of innovative, smart print production with Square One’s adrenaline and vision. Never limited by ‘the way it’s always been done,’ our team is invigorated by new opportunities and approaches each project with an open mind for creative solutions. Leveraging experience and profound knowledge of print production with a vast network of vendors worldwide, Square One was not only able to deliver a quality product on time, but deliver on its promise of unsurpassed customer service and dedication.

Do you have a challenging project? Give us a call and allow us to help.



New offering with a brand new image to match

Tom Cabrerizo, former COO of Paramount Companies of Florida, commissions Square One Branding with the branding of his newest venture CFH Group a real estate investment and rental community management group based in Coral Gables, Florida, with over 25 communities under their belt. Boasting their own nursery and construction materials’ depot CFH Group offers unparalleled service and value to their customers.

Among the materials created for CFH Group are a corporate kit for investors and a more unified look for their rental communities.



Enchanted Liaisons

International powerhouse BAP Development, responsible for the award winning, Los Altos in Casa de Campo, contacted Square One Branding to design the brand launch of their newest undertaking, Los Altos Club. A joint venture between BAP and Preferred Residences, the Asian-rustic inspired resort offers impeccably designed residential style accommodations with five star services, and it promises to raise luxury hospitality expectations in the Dominican Republic and throughout the world.

Square One developed marketing materials that capture the essence and allure of the location while maintaining the focus on the services and amenities offered, targeting both trade and consumer audiences.



Expanding brand experience by making people smile

Whether little or all grown up, at work or on vacation, candy has the power to bring on a smile. To that end theFontainebleau Hotel’s team commissioned Square One Branding to design a line of private label candy for their retail stores. The Fontainebleau Candy Shop was created. In developing the line, only the highest quality candy was considered and the most popular flavors researched to ensure the success of the new venture. For the packaging, pattern, bright colors and foils were used for a fun yet sophisticated design that would entice adults and kids alike while staying within the hotel’s now well established brand.


Art Lives Here

Another creation from the masterminds at CMC Group in conjunction with Lionstone and Ponte Gadea, EPIC rises at the edge of the Miami River where it comes to meet the bay.

The team was looking for a fresh set of materials that would highlight this urban-chic property’s unique location, lifestyle and culinary offering.

Pulling from the well established EPIC logo and its graphic components, Square One Branding developed a new ad campaign, email marketing strategy and collateral that convey a high level of elegance and sophistication while showcasing the inspiring works of art that live alongside its residents.



Private Label is here to stay

It’s no secret that private label products are those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s name, and are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics. These, also known as store brands, private label, or private label goods were often considered to be lower cost alternatives to major brands, but many private brands are now showcased as premium and compete with existing products.

There are numerous advantages for retailers to promote private label products. The packaging and labels can be custom tailored to meet certain needs, including a specific target audience, name, description, logos, etc. Private labeling allows retailers to have more control over pricing strategies. There is also more freedom for retailers to create their own marketing strategies and to control their own inventory. Overall, with higher margins possible, there is a greater opportunity for profit.

Additionally, private labeling allows retailers to create a personalized and unique image, which promotes stronger customer loyalty.

With private labeling, retailers can acquire products that are already developed, or that can be changed and re-branded in an individual fashion. Basically, retailers can control many business aspects and create their own unique product. They can personalize the products, add their own information, additional materials, logos, titles, etc. This can all be done in a lot less time than it would take to develop the product from scratch.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of private label brands on the market. This is particularly true in Europe, where private label goods account for almost half the products sold in stores. This figure is closer to 25% in the United States, and the trend appears to be increasing.

The team at Square One Branding can help you develop your own private label program. Give us a call and we can get started.

Using Humor to promote Brand Awareness

“Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.” -Anonymous

I never expected this old adage to be so prevalent in marketing these days, but why should your marketing strategy be any different than real life lessons? Case in point- Sir-Fix-A-Lot. When Doug Zborowski, a husband and father, decided to launch his own handy man business in late 2006, it was immediately apparent that we should pull from his boisterous personality and translate it into the branding of his new company. It was imperative that we communicated the level of personal care he was bringing to the trade as well as his level of professionalism and utmost attention to details, but in an unexpected way.

For Sir-Fix-A-Lot, clever, sometimes humorous copy that reveals a unique brand personality and the use of typography as the primary design element were used to generate interaction with the public from the get go. Starting with the logo, the ad campaign, electronic marketing and uniform shirts, everything stays true to this philosophy and reinforces the direction of the brand strategy.

There’s a lot here we can learn from Sir-Fix-A-Lot about being able to laugh at ourselves and turn it into positive marketing. Think about it- what are your customers already saying about your company/brand? Using humor to turn it into something positive and more memorable is a good thing. For the most part and although this rule doesn’t apply to every industry, people like funny things. They relax and pay attention when they know you have a sense of humor. It puts them in a good mood, and it creates a more comfortable atmosphere and a more positive image for your company. It makes you easy to approach, and easy to remember.



Indulge in electronic elegance

Masters of home automation design HED South contracted Square One Branding to design the user interface that would be used for all of the HED remote controls, including the newly released iPad and iPhone 4.

It’s no mystery that truly great user interfaces are the ones that are engineered to stay out of the way. Good UI design needs to be as simple as it is cutting edge and allow the user to focus on what is most important – completing the task at hand easily and hassle free. For HED South and their unwavering commitment to perfection it is imperative to offer a design that not only functions perfectly, but that is also intuitive and easy to understand.

The Square One team made HED’s users’ goals our goals. Restated them. Repeated them. Then, learned about their skills and experience and what they needed and wanted. We researched what interfaces they liked and sat down and watched how they used them. We studied the size, color, and placement of each element and how they worked together. Most importantly, we didn’t get carried away mimicking trendy design styles or adding unnecessary features.

By focusing on the users first, we were be able to create an interface that delivers on HED’s promise to provide Luxury Electronic Design.




For over a year we’ve worked closely with the retail team at Fontainebleau in developing all sorts of Fontainebleau branded merchandise for their logo store. Today, we announce the launch of, featuring Fontainebleau branded products and logo wear — a great way to reinforce brand loyalty and following, while providing the perfect item for anyone who wants to hold onto that special vacation a little longer.

Discover it today.