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The Truth about Fiction

We’ve all heard the phrase “Life is but a dream…” However, no one takes this more to heart than the team atFiction Events.

For Fiction, it’s all about creating a surreal experience for each and every one of their clients. Unexpected concepts, rich textures and interesting color combinations that transport you into a theatrical world of fantasy and multi-sensory delight. Square One Branding was presented with the challenge of capturing this unique point-of-view and translating it into a brand that would communicate its essence.

A characteristic logo and color palette were created that informed everything about the direction for the look and feel. Vintage images were married with modern aesthetics and a well branded website and blog were developed using a myriad of technologies that deliver an online event in itself. In addition, a seamlessly integrated back office functionality was put in place that allows the client to update content easily and effortlessly, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Create.



Ready For Unprecedented Achievement

We all face challenges in life, sometimes personal, other times professional and when we do, we tend to retreat to what is familiar and comfortable instead of thinking things through and trying to move past them.

The Perczek Approach offers customizable programs for creating and sustaining momentum towards an individuals’ highest vision. It helps them develop the somatic intelligence necessary to achieve their goals and launch them into “The Zone”—that place where thoughts, emotions, and instincts are aligned as one. They work with high performance athletes, head coaches, community leaders, sport teams and corporate institutions with a common goal: to achieve the unprecedented.

Square One Branding was contracted to develop a brand and website that would help communicate the uniqueness of the offering in a very dynamic way and immediately represent the forward motion its clients would experience once engaged.

A strong and precise logo was developed and a contemporary and energetic color palette was chosen. For the website, a simple but polished design was implemented. Text effects such as colors and fonts were carefully chosen. For the main headings, bold and prominent graphics were created. A mix of Multimedia like text, images, animation and a blog were used to convey the message and promote interactivity. And since speed is king, precautions were taken to ensure speedy loading of all web pages.

The result is a sleek and contemporary website where anyone visiting would find themselves engaged and motivated to learn more towards the realization of their dreams. Something that for the most part is, well, unprecedented.



Indulge in electronic elegance

Masters of home automation design HED South contracted Square One Branding to design the user interface that would be used for all of the HED remote controls, including the newly released iPad and iPhone 4.

It’s no mystery that truly great user interfaces are the ones that are engineered to stay out of the way. Good UI design needs to be as simple as it is cutting edge and allow the user to focus on what is most important – completing the task at hand easily and hassle free. For HED South and their unwavering commitment to perfection it is imperative to offer a design that not only functions perfectly, but that is also intuitive and easy to understand.

The Square One team made HED’s users’ goals our goals. Restated them. Repeated them. Then, learned about their skills and experience and what they needed and wanted. We researched what interfaces they liked and sat down and watched how they used them. We studied the size, color, and placement of each element and how they worked together. Most importantly, we didn’t get carried away mimicking trendy design styles or adding unnecessary features.

By focusing on the users first, we were be able to create an interface that delivers on HED’s promise to provide Luxury Electronic Design.



Seeing is believing

Bryn Mawr Orthodontics is a full service dental lab servicing Philadelphia dentists for over 30 years. Their focus is on quality and service. Unfortunately, there was a huge disconnect between their brand image and brand identity.

When they approached Square One Branding, they were looking to have a presence on the web. They had finally realized how the World Wide Web now plays a huge role in validating a business and its practices. Simply put, if you don’t have a website, you may as well not exist in the marketplace.

We designed a new logo and color palette, giving them a fresh and contemporary image that represents their understanding of new techniques and total commitment to customer satisfaction. For the website, a simple and clean design put the focus on imagery of people smiling and key wording was added to communicate with a personal tone that resonates with Bryn Mawr’s clients.

The World Wide Web has become an integral part of our lives in the last few decades. Continuous evolution and advancement in technology has made life easier for people all over the world. It has turned the world into one big global village, where people are not too far away from each other, and has opened up new avenues for businesses to market themselves. The speed, solidity and ease of execution of the internet has created new opportunities to promote your business and see positive results almost instantly.



3… 2… 1… Launch

Borgioni Private Collection, recently approached the Square One team faced with the challenge of distributing their press book and product line sheets to their increasing international market. The need, was to make all of the information available globally without having to spend valuable dollars in shipping and printing every time something changed. The solution, was an electronic version of their already successful materials that could be easily edited and republished.

Like Borgioni, your company may be built on a strong foundation. But now that technology is at the forefront of most brands’ marketing strategies, are you staying on top of all the trends and advancements in your field so you don’t get left behind? Every brand has to evolve on a regular basis, that’s why we’re constantly thinking about how we can make our clients’ brands relevant to their audience.

Could your brand use a tune-up? Adding a “wow” factor to your customer service, daring to be creative by thinking outside the box and making your brand more community oriented may take your business to the next level. How do customers experience your brand? How do they view your approach? How can you reach new customers in a unique way? Give us a call to discuss how we can help.



Ciao Bella!

Suzanne Werson was born and raised in the fashion capital that is New York City. This native new yorker who now calls Italy home, got started early on in the industry as a model while attending F.I.T. for fashion design. Often exposed to high-end fashions, Suzanne’s eye for style was influenced not only by her studies but also by the quality and craftsmanship of the garments and jewelry she wore throughout her modeling career.

Following her heart, Suzanne moved to Italy in 1995 and worked as a design consultant for various Italian fashion designers in Bologna, where she developed a taste for designing jewelry. Today, armed with a small group of talented artisans from Arezzo, Suzanne focuses her efforts on her new passion, a handcrafted, fine and costume jewelry collection that speaks of her strengths and sensibilities as a woman. Sexy, chic and edgy are all adjectives that can be used to describe the new endeavor. However, glamour is the common thread that unifies Suzanne Werson – New York – Italia.

The challenge for us at Square One Branding was to develop a brand that spoke Suzanne’s truths and getting everything done and put in place before her European tour of jewelry shows happening at the end of summer. Working very closely with the designer herself, we had a casting, the location was scouted and everything was set into motion. The entire process only took 10 days including the two day shoot on South Beach. Four weeks for the website to be designed and launched.

At Square One Branding we take pride in becoming part of our client’s team. Working closely with Suzanne allowed us to get to know her deeply, and to quickly work through and develop ideas that led to a successful launch campaign for this talented and multifaceted designer.