Delivering on your promise

Hay House, the reputable publisher in San Diego, California was working on a challenging project with Suze Orman, their client, TD Ameritrade and QVC. They needed someone with the experience and confidence necessary to orchestrate the many facets of production and fulfillment needed for the successful launch of Suze’s latest financial product without skipping a beat.

Suze Orman, worldwide celebrity and trusted financial advisor, together with TD Ameritrade was launching a new product called “Suze Orman’s Save Yourself – Retirement Program” that would be sold on QVC and on the World Wide Web under the Hay House umbrella. Located across many different time zones, everyone on the team was very hands on and had a say on every aspect of the creative and budgetary approval process. Ultimately, and due in part to the magnitude of the project, the pieces had to be produced close to the QVC distribution centers in Pennsylvania for easy access and cost effectiveness.

Few professionals welcome the challenges of innovative, smart print production with Square One’s adrenaline and vision. Never limited by ‘the way it’s always been done,’ our team is invigorated by new opportunities and approaches each project with an open mind for creative solutions. Leveraging experience and profound knowledge of print production with a vast network of vendors worldwide, Square One was not only able to deliver a quality product on time, but deliver on its promise of unsurpassed customer service and dedication.

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