Indulge in electronic elegance

Masters of home automation design HED South contracted Square One Branding to design the user interface that would be used for all of the HED remote controls, including the newly released iPad and iPhone 4.

It’s no mystery that truly great user interfaces are the ones that are engineered to stay out of the way. Good UI design needs to be as simple as it is cutting edge and allow the user to focus on what is most important – completing the task at hand easily and hassle free. For HED South and their unwavering commitment to perfection it is imperative to offer a design that not only functions perfectly, but that is also intuitive and easy to understand.

The Square One team made HED’s users’ goals our goals. Restated them. Repeated them. Then, learned about their skills and experience and what they needed and wanted. We researched what interfaces they liked and sat down and watched how they used them. We studied the size, color, and placement of each element and how they worked together. Most importantly, we didn’t get carried away mimicking trendy design styles or adding unnecessary features.

By focusing on the users first, we were be able to create an interface that delivers on HED’s promise to provide Luxury Electronic Design.



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