Ready For Unprecedented Achievement

We all face challenges in life, sometimes personal, other times professional and when we do, we tend to retreat to what is familiar and comfortable instead of thinking things through and trying to move past them.

The Perczek Approach offers customizable programs for creating and sustaining momentum towards an individuals’ highest vision. It helps them develop the somatic intelligence necessary to achieve their goals and launch them into “The Zone”—that place where thoughts, emotions, and instincts are aligned as one. They work with high performance athletes, head coaches, community leaders, sport teams and corporate institutions with a common goal: to achieve the unprecedented.

Square One Branding was contracted to develop a brand and website that would help communicate the uniqueness of the offering in a very dynamic way and immediately represent the forward motion its clients would experience once engaged.

A strong and precise logo was developed and a contemporary and energetic color palette was chosen. For the website, a simple but polished design was implemented. Text effects such as colors and fonts were carefully chosen. For the main headings, bold and prominent graphics were created. A mix of Multimedia like text, images, animation and a blog were used to convey the message and promote interactivity. And since speed is king, precautions were taken to ensure speedy loading of all web pages.

The result is a sleek and contemporary website where anyone visiting would find themselves engaged and motivated to learn more towards the realization of their dreams. Something that for the most part is, well, unprecedented.



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