Reinforcing and expanding the brand

A well respected name in the events planning scene, Karla Conceptual Event Experiencesapproached Square One Branding about a new campaign that would reinforce their sensibilities and relentless approach to planning. From scheduling a venue walk through, to choosing a color palette, to the logistics of feeding 1000+ guests, the team at KCEE flawlessly orchestrates every detail of every event they ever produce. This dedication and attention to detail is what makes them the leaders of industry they’ve become.

In keeping with Karla’s ultra modern and elegant sensibility a revamp of their corporate website was put into motion. Something that would function and reflect theirunderstanding of trends and at the same time featured their unmistakable eye for perfection. Additionally, a new campaign was developed using translucent lettering that would hint and lure would be-visitors to click through to the newly redesigned and iPad friendly website. Once there, they could experience PURE FANTASY, PURE PLEASURE, PURE KARLA.

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