Sweet Beginnings

The team at Food Invest Group approached Square One Branding with the need to name and develop a brand identity for one of their newest ventures. A chocolate lover’s cafe in Aventura which in time will develop into a national and international brand.

The café is to become an enchanted world, targeting women, kids and families with the most “epicurean environment”. It will feature a large selection of chocolates, chocolate barks, truffles, decorated macarons, confections, soft serve ice cream, hot and cold chocolate and non-chocolate drinks, pastries and a large collection of “European style cream puffs”. Additionally, high quality salads and sandwiches will also be offered.

A play on the words Rococo and Cocoa, Rococoa combines to create a fun, catchy name that is contemporary and playful, inspired by the café’s strong offering of chocolate products. The name Rococoa as a destination, gives clear indication of the café’s specialties and promises to deliver on a fun and decadent experience.

Additionally, intricate and ornate graphics representing the Rococo period are stylized and used in contemporary ways to communicate an aspect of fun and sophistication while reinforcing the name. A vibrant color palette and pattern details with a fashion edge reinforce the fun directive. A little bit of a fashion sensibility was used to distinguish the brand in the marketplace. Something to leverage as a method to deliver clever communications that will generate “a sparkle in the eye” of the target audience.



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