The proof is in the puddin’

Everyone gets them. Lots of people profess to not like them, they even say they’re an annoyance… still, email marketing, if handled properly, can be a very effective tool for promoting your brand. This cost effective way to reach your audience can be addressed to the exact target market you are trying to reach.

Along with the targeting that can be done with emails, email marketing also helps drive direct sales, it can build customer relationships and loyalty, and it supports sales through all of the company’s other channels. The right content in an email, put forward the right way, can bring in immediate action such as sales, downloads, registrations and inquiries. You can also send out newsy, informative “newsletter” type emails to inform customers about upcoming events, new editions of catalogs, new products and services and any number of other things that help build awareness and strengthen your brand’s presence.

For Samantha, of Best of Weston Hair, this approach to getting her name out has worked spectacularly well. Since the campaign started, Sam has experienced the two most successful weeks of bookings in her entire career.



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