The Truth about Fiction

We’ve all heard the phrase “Life is but a dream…” However, no one takes this more to heart than the team atFiction Events.

For Fiction, it’s all about creating a surreal experience for each and every one of their clients. Unexpected concepts, rich textures and interesting color combinations that transport you into a theatrical world of fantasy and multi-sensory delight. Square One Branding was presented with the challenge of capturing this unique point-of-view and translating it into a brand that would communicate its essence.

A characteristic logo and color palette were created that informed everything about the direction for the look and feel. Vintage images were married with modern aesthetics and a well branded website and blog were developed using a myriad of technologies that deliver an online event in itself. In addition, a seamlessly integrated back office functionality was put in place that allows the client to update content easily and effortlessly, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Create.



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