You’re well connected

Founded by Dr. Jeffrey S. Penner, Atlantis Orthopaedics has been serving Palm Beach County and its surrounding areas for over 30 years and has expanded to include four doctors as well as an extensive array of Orthopaedic specialties.

When they approached Square One Branding, the challenge was to refresh their look without losing the brand equity they had built over the years. Following the “You’re well connected” slogan and using their iconic AO -which besides meaning Atlantis Orthopaedics also references their specialty in Arthroscopic techniques which helps patients recover from surgery in a matter of days, rather than weeks- a central figure was added to the logo to communicate forward motion and freedom. The colors were also changed to give a warmer, more contemporary overall feel. Additionally, a new ad campaign was developed using smart and engaging copy that speaks of their “humanity” and an x-ray of a hand giving them the ok for a little tongue in cheek humor. Now, they finally have a presence in the marketplace that speaks of their capabilities as well as their personalized care.



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